TodayTix Promo Code, Coupon for $10 off Broadway Tix (2018)

TodayTix Promo Codes for 2018

We’ve scoured the internet and collected the most common TodayTix promotions. Including active codes, ones that have expired and . in this list of codes, we’ve included some codes that never worked (but have been reported by other sites) just so you have all the information in front of you.

Here’s the TodayTix voucher codes and discounts for every TodayTix city that work and don’t work (in alphanumerical order). Use it for any of big name Broadway shows like Hamilton or Wicked or up-and-coming off-Broadway plays.

AWKML (active) This referral link is one of the currently active codes for 2018 and will save new TodayTix users $10 off their first purchase.  You’ll get $10 off your ticket purchase — just enter code at checkout

BIHLO  (dead) This referral link is one of the codes for 2017 and will save new TodayTix users $10 off their first purchase.  You’ll get $10 off your ticket purchase — just enter the code at checkout

BACKSTORY (not found) To get season is sponsored by TodayTix. To get $5 off your first purchase, download the app or use promo code “BACKSTORY“.

HOTTIX (expired) The code was good for $10 off, but has since expired.

LOTTERY with TodayTix, it’s not just about voucher codes, but the app allows you to easily enter to win Lottery tickets for selected shows — which could easily save you 50% or more.

MAIL20  (expired)This code will give new users $20 off their first purchase. This code came in through the mail back in October 2015, we’re not sure if this code works anymore.

MAY17 (doesn’t work) Though this looks like a code that would work, users have reported that this code doesn’t compute in the app.

PROMO10 (not sure) We’ve seen paid ads being run for this voucher code promising “$10 Off First Show Tickets‎” — if this promo works, let us know!

20OFF (expired) From 2014, this code used to be good for $20 off. No longer.

All of the active codes should work in the cities that TodayTix supports including New York, London, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Philadelphia and Washington D.C.

TodayTix for Discounted Broadway Tickets

TodayTix has grown from serving only New York City to being available in several cities over the last couple years. This is thanks to increased usage of apps along with the demand for live entertainment, Broadway and Off-Broadway shows other big-name cities like London, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

That’s quite an accomplishment for a company just a few years old.

Unlike other companies, TodayTix doesn’t rely primarily on promo codes to get customers to buy Broadway tickets from them (they will occasionally they’ll run a promotion). Many find that TodayTix is one the best ways to get last minute Broadway discount tickets. And TodayTix does have a fantastic referral program — more on that a little later.

DO you know of a discount, referral link, or promo code you don’t see here? Feel free to share it with us so that we can all save on TodayTix.