TodayTix offers discounted tickets to 2017 New Yorker Festival

The New Yorker Festival brings together the artists, authors, thinkers, and personalities shaping the world today, live onstage for one weekend only in NYC, October 6-8 and TodayTix is bringing you cheap tickets to the event.

The event features talks with Carly Rae Jepsen, Seth Meyers, Jon Hamm, Glenn Close, Anthony Bourdain, Chelsea Manning and more.  See what tickets they have available here.

TodayTix Lottery for free or discounted tickets for Broadway shows

Have you seen Hamilton or Dear Evan Hansen yet? If you haven’t and you don’t want to pay the hundreds of dollars only to wait a year before you get to see it, there’s another way. The chances are slim, like winning the lottery…

There are a few different lotteries to choose from, but today we are going to focus on TodayTix. TodayTix offers a lottery option in order to secure tickets to some of Broadway’s favorite shows, Hamilton included!

What is the TodayTix lottery system?

The TodayTix Lottery system allows you to enter for a chance to win either discounted or free tickets to some of your favorite shows. I’ve seen a bunch of my friends post on their Facebook feeds that they’ve won lottery tickets to see shows like Hamilton and Dear Evan Hanston — proof that this system does work and is worth putting the time in if you have the patience and aren’t in a rush to see any particular show. You can also check Broadway World for more user feedback about the success of their lottery entries.

How does the TodayTix lottery system work?

If you don’t have the TodayTix app yet, download it here and get $10 off your first purchase!


Once you have TodayTix on your phone, open it up and browse by your desired metro.


As you scroll down the list of available shows, you notice that not every show has a “lottery” option. If the lottery is available for the show, you’ll see a small red banner at the top of the show’s preview image. It will read something to the effect of “$$ Lottery tickets”. This will indicate that the show has a lottery running.


Click on the image for the show you’d like to enter the lottery on. If the lottery isn’t currently open, there will be a message that reads “Not currently available”. You’ll have the option of setting an alert so that you will receive a notification once the lottery has opened for entry. Follow the instructions they provide to ensure you receive your notification successfully.


If the lottery is open when you check, you’ll have the option to “Enter the ticket lottery”. From here you’ll be prompted to select the number of desired tickets (maximum 2). Select from the times provided and enter. You’ll be asked to enable your push notifications so that you will receive notifications regarding your entry. Enable them! I’ve had too many friends miss out on their Hamilton Lottery winning tickets because they didn’t see their notification in time.


When you win the lottery, you typically have 30-60 minutes to claim your prize. If you miss this window, even by a minute, tough luck!

You can check out the TodayTix official site to learn more about the rules of their lottery system. 

Happy Show-going, Thespians!

Enter the TodayTix $20 Lottery for Tiny Beautiful Things

Tiny Beautiful Things! Enter the daily mobile TodayTix Lottery for a chance to win $20 tickets to see Nia Vardalos star as Sugar in the off-Broadway show Tiny Beautiful Things.

Following its critically-acclaimed run last season, Tiny Beautiful Things returns to the Public with Academy Award-nominee Nia Vardalos reprising the role of Sugar. Based on the best-selling book by author Cheryl Strayed, the play Tiny Beautiful Things was praised by The New York Times as “an ideal catharsis” and a “handkerchief-soaking meditation on pain, loss, hope & forgiveness.”

Thousands of people wrote letters asking for advice from an anonymous online columnist named Sugar, who drew from her own life experiences to answer in a candid, often brutally honest exchange. It was later revealed that Sugar was Cheryl Strayed. Vardalos weaves together the real letters to explore the monstrous beauty, unfathomable dark and glimmering light which are at the heart of being human.

Enter each performance day for a chance to win $20 tickets to TINY BEAUTIFUL THINGS at The Public Theater. Enter the daily Lottery to win $20 tix.

Watch more shows in September and earn TodayTix gift cards

This September, TodayTix is rewarding their prolific users. They’re calling it their “September Sprint“.

“…we’re doing some stretching, lacing up our favorite sneakers, and compiling the perfect playlist (“Defying Gravity,” anyone?), all in the name of theatergoing: welcome to The September Sprint, your opportunity to buy tickets, earn credit, and spend a few evenings at the theater…no actual running required!”

The more shows one buys via TodayTix from 9/15 – 9/30, the more credit they’ll get. Here’s what’s in store at the finish line:

  • Bronze Medal (get tix to 2 shows): Get a $25 gift card
  • Silver Medal (get tix to 3 shows): Get a $50 gift card
  • Gold Medal (get tix to 4 shows): Get a $75 gift card
  • Platinum Medal (get tix to 5+ shows): Get a $100 gift card

So if you’re planning on watching some shows in September and you’re in New York City, not only will you save on tickets through TodayTix, but the opportunity to take home some extra credit. …and you’re off!